Lac Serreire Restoration Phase One

As many of you will now be aware Lac Serreire will be closed during 2020 whilst we complete major renovation works.

Unfortunately it has become clear during our first year of ownership that much of the works required to maintain a successful ‘big carp’ water had not been completed and Lac Serreire has suffered as a consequence.  We are now working hard to reverse this and our aim is to return Serreire back to its best.

I am pleased to report that we are working closely with Keith Williams, John-Noel Rattailleau and Christophe Vergnaud on the restoration and phase one is now complete.  The lake has been completely drained, netted and will be left dry for several months to dry out.  All nuisance fish including catfish have been removed and all carp except a selected few (which have been moved to Badgers Holt) have been taken off site and will be professionally looked after and returned after the completion of the works.  Unfortunately it soon became clear that several of the larger named fish which we were led to believe upon purchase were in the lake actually were not and in all honesty had probably died years earlier.

During the summer the lake will be cleaned, de-silted with depths and dead fishing areas returned especially in the shallows/woods end of the lake.  We expect after works for there to be an extra 3 to 4 acres of previously un-fishable water available for fishing again.  In addition we will be removing all snags, some of the heavily padded areas and landscaping the whole site.

During the autumn our current Serreire stock will return and we will personally be selecting additional stock taking the numbers back to 300 carp with absolutely no nuisance species present.

The new improved ‘Lac Serreire’ will re-open in March 2021 at a discounted price of £1500 lake exclusive (maximum of six anglers).

We will of course keep you regularly updated at every stage of the renovation.

Badgers Holt is completely unaffected and will remain open during 2020.