Introduction to Badgers Holt

Morning on BadgersWelcome to Badger’s Holt, the smaller of the two lakes on the Serreire complex at 2.7 acres. This magical water has gone from strength to strength since it was first opened back in 2003. This is predominately a ‘Big Fish’ water and growth rates have been remarkable over the years. In 2016, the average weight of the fish for the year was just over 48lb (21kg). Many anglers have had hits of multiple 40s and 50s in a session including one angler who managed sixteen fish over 40lb in a session including a 70+ mirror, a 60+ common and five 50s. In August 2017, an angler managed one 60lb mirror, nine 50lb mirrors and five forties in a session. Three of his 50s were 59lb! – It is a remarkable water. 

The biggest fish so far in 2017 was the famous JoJo caught 79lb 14oz, her record weight. There are also a couple of very big commons with one of them currently around 66lb, so the next years will be interesting! We had at least 4 new 50s in 2016, so growth rates have been exceptional over the last years.

The fishing can be tricky because the fish have seen it all before. But the rewards are very high when it all comes right. There are very big fish caught most weeks. Please note that this lake is only suited to very experienced carp anglers – It is not easy.

There is a comfortable wooden cabin on the banks of Badger’s Holt that was totally refurbished in 2015. Take a look a the facilities page for more details. A lot of work was also completed during the last two winters to improve the main swim in front of the cabin and provide a dry and very comfortable area, easily large enough to accommodate two bivvies.

the-carp-specialist-badgers-holt-carp-karper-karpfen-1Badgers Holt is available only for exclusive bookings of 2 anglers. We prefer not to have the lake crowded and it pays to keep very quiet at all times.

This is an ideal venue for the thinking angler who likes the challenge of tricky big carp in a small lake. The most successful anglers adjust their approach during the session and adapt to the behavior of the carp all the time. It is possible to have a hit of fish if you get things right and we are on hand to offer help and advice wherever people require it.

Bait boats are allowed.

The fish respond well to the careful application of a good quality HNV food bait. Because the lake is extremely rich in natural food, the fish are not dependant on bait as they are in many commercial waters. Therefore we cannot emphasise strongly enough how important bait choice is on this water. Bait choice is undoubtedly a key factor that decides whether anglers have a successful week or not on Badgers Holt. Shelf-life baits with preservatives are not allowed on the fishery (all anglers bringing their own baits must bring fresh / frozen baits). Please take a look at the bait section of our website or phone ahead and we will be happy to advise you regarding bait choices and application.

For some great movies showing this magical lake, please click these links:

Steve Briggs with JoJo at 72lb

The Beauty of Badgers Holt

Keith Williams on Badgers Holt in 2016

For any information about Badgers Holt please contact us by e-mail at or call us on: +33 587 75 49 24 at any time. We will do all we can to help.

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