Advice about Pellets

Coppens BagsAfter a great deal of research we have settled on using Coppens ‘Carpe Intensive’ pellets in 10mm size. We moved over to this pellet after the success of using the Coppens ‘Premium Select’ pellets for the last two years. The ‘Carpe Intensive’ pellet is higher in protein at 40% and slightly lower in fat at 10%. The protein spread is also optimised to have the highest possible BV (biological value) for carp meaning that a high percentage can be assimilated and utilised (unlike many pellets designed for other species like trout, halibut, etc). It also has a full spread of vitamins and minerals added that are designed to optimise heath and boost the immune system.

This pellet is suitable for use in cold as well as warm water conditions and is highly digestible. It is also one of the best pellets available in terms of minimising waste from the fish and therefore reducing ammonia loading in the water. This can be especially important in high summer with very warm water and very active feeding.

We are asked by quite a few people about pellets so here are a few things to consider:

  • Only buy pellets that have a ‘use by’ date on them. Pellets have a relatively short shelf life due to oxidisation of the oils in them. Many sit on shelves for long periods of time!
  • Do not use trout, salmon, halibut and other pellets designed for other species. These are totally the wrong pellets for carp. They are deigned for fish farms to rapidly grow salmon, etc for humans to eat. They grow these fish as quickly as possible and the life expectancy of the fish is obviously of no interest to these fish farmers. They use very high oil contents, around 40-45% in many to fatten the salmon, trout, etc as quickly as possible. This is really terrible for carp and will reduce their life expectancy significantly if fed on a regular basis.
  • High oil pellets also ‘stodge’ the carp up making them lethargic and stopping them eating more for long periods of time due to the digestion difficulties of all the oil. This is the opposite of what is required from a pellet used for bait!
  • Buy pellets with a reasonable fishmeal content. Protein derived from other sources has a lower BV for carp but makes for much cheaper pellets. These pellets are pretty useless for carp.
  • Store pellets in a dark and cool place. Never leave them in the sun. The oils will oxidise rapidly.
  • Ask us at any time for advice if required. We stock Coppens pellets here at the lakes.

This is a picture of an example label for the Carpe Intensive pellets (although we us 10mm and not 4.5mm as shown).