Trendy Trev – Honeymoon on Serreire

It was October 2015. The journey had been long but good with no problems on route. We broke it up with a stay at an excellent local B&B recommended by the fishery. The details can be found on the ‘Links’ page of the Serreire website.

50lb 4ozWe arrived on time at the lake at 1pm to meet Simon and Corinna Mansbridge who own and run both Lac Serreire and Badgers Holt. I should mention at this point that I brought my new wife Christine with me on this trip as it was to be our honeymoon. Simon gave us a full tour of the lake, pointing out all the main features in every swim and explaining what had been caught from each area the previous week. I chose the Outflow swim as a lot of fish were present and it definitely looked good for a couple during the week ahead. Little did we know what would occur over the next seven days!

I chose to fish with the fisheries Serreire Crayfish & Squid baits because these were fed throughout the year and had been producing most of the fish almost every week. For hook baits I decided to use the Crayfish wafters, again due to their consistent results over the last year. For baiting up, I went for a mixture of 18mm standard round baits combined with the more unusual smaller dumbells that are also available.

Simon allows up to four rods to be used at any one time, but I chose to fish with three, with one made up ready to cast to any showing fish. Less is definitely more so to speak.

With the bivvy set up it was time to start fishing. The left rod was cast towards the gap in the pads but short of them by about a rod length to give the best chance of landing any hooked fish. These pads in the Outflow corner are particularly savage and fishing too close to them will just result in lost and damaged fish. The middle rod was fished off the tip of the pads a similar distance. The right rod was fished at approximately 170yds towards Heron Point with the aid of a bait boat.

Saturday night / Sunday morning:

DSC_02407am Sunday and the middle rod, to the tip of the pads was away resulting in a lovely 50lb 4oz mirror, a new PB for me. What a start to the week! Simon was on hand to do the photos which must be taken in the water for all fish over 40lb on Lac Serreire and all fish of any size on Badgers Holt. This is for fish safety reasons and is actually much easier anyway and results in excellent pictures. With the photos done and the fish returned, it was time to bait up again. They certainly like bait on Lac Serreire and number of big fish means they can get through loads. I placed the rod back on the tip of the pads and just two hours later a fish known as the Long Mirror hit the spreader block – Boom!! Two PBs in two hours, with this fish going 60lb 8oz. Simon was once again on hand to take the photos and with a fish of this size it is not possible to do this alone. Simon is more than happy to help with the big fish at any time of day or night. My wife and I were absolutely buzzing, it was only Sunday and I had two new PBs with a 50 and a 60!


After a hearty breakfast we set about getting the rods back on the marks. First fish of the day was a lovely looking common of 29lb from the long range rod, the wafters doing the damage yet again. Three hours later and a very pretty 25lb mirror was in the cradle. To celebrate we opened the red wine and drank a toast to the lake and of course to married life. I had only just sat back down when middle rod was away yet again, this time with a fantastic looking leather of 39lb on the nose. This was followed in quick succession by mirrors of 25lb and then 39lb. It was clear that they were well and truly on the bait.


We woke up to a warm sunny day and at about 6am the left rod was off this time with a 44lb mirror from the gap in the pads. The next few hours were a bit slower, which we were actually glad about. But later in the day, things got going again in the form of a 33lb common on the long range right rod towards Heron Point.


11.35am and they still kept coming in the form of a fantastic looking 23lb mirror. The huge apple slice scales on this fish made it something very special. It is worth mentioning at this point the rig that I was using. Nothing magical; 6” of Korda soft coated braid stripped back a little fished with a Korda Wide Gape B in size 6 tied up blow-back style. Bait application was simple. Boilies, pellets and maize with the bait boat fully loaded every time and just dropped on the spots. The more bait dropped, the better the fishing was. They just love bait it seems!


42lb7.40am and the left rod was off again this time resulting in a 42lb mirror on a single wafter hook bait yet again. A call of nature saw me leaving Chris in charge of the rods, but with Simon close on hand, which was good because on my return I found Chris playing her first proper carp. This turned out to be a lovely common of 40lb. The photos were done and the carp was just returned when the long range rod was off resulting in a 16lb mirror; one for the future. As this fish was slipped back, the last remaining rod, on the tip of the pads, was away resulting in a 25lb mirror. What a session this was turning out to be with all three rods laying on the bank and three fish returned.


Saw us both very happy and very tired. But the fish still kept coming in the form of a small double in the cradle this time. It is really good to know that the future of Lac Serreire is very secure with so many fish up-and-coming like this. Growth rates have been superb and the years ahead will see an unbelievable amount of big fish coming through.

Summing up:

We had a fantastic trip. The fishing was second to none and the complex is the best in France by far; friendly, clean and quiet. During this week, another angler also landed mirrors of 68lb and 54lb and there can’t be many venues where these numbers of big fish come out as regularly as they do on Serreire.

We finished the week with 18 carp hooked and 18 carp landed which was a great result only made possible by fishing and baiting at least a rod length off the pads at all times – And this would only apply to the Outflow swim since the distance to the pads is very short at about 40 yards. In the swims with pads at long range, the distance fished off them would have to be much longer to have the same results and to be safe as possible. Bait off the pads and the fish come out of them. Bait close to the pads and the fish stay in them, it is as simple as that.

Now that is what I call a honeymoon session! All caught on the Serreire wafters; it was Waftertastic! 🙂