Catch Reports 2019

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15 to 22 June 2019

The five anglers enjoyed a fantastic week on the complex with 44 fish including 2 x 60s, 4 x 50s and 14 x 40s.

Badgers Holt – Will and Jethro worked hard during their week and were rewarded with five fish which included a common of of 44lb 5oz, 52lb and 64lb 2oz.  They also caught ‘Arthur’ the cat at 80lb.  Successful baits were Serreire Crayfish and Squid pop-ups over matching freebies and Coppens pellet.

Lac Serreire – After three weeks rest it was good to see anglers enjoying some of the special fish this lake holds.

Martin in Woods – fishing at 80 yards Martin ended the week with 21 carp.  His haul included 9 x forties to 48lb 10oz and a 55lb mirror.

Jason in Middles and Tim and Mary’s – using the Serreire and Crayfish certainly had his share of big fish.  His 14 included 3 x forties to 47lb, two fifties of 54lb and 55lb 10oz and a 62lb mirror.

Shaun in Island – lost a couple but caught three, his best being a common of 41lb 8oz.

Congratulations to you all on a fantastic week.

8 to 15 June 2019

Badgers Holt – Another very difficult week weather wise with so much rain the Badgers overspill was running for most of the week!  Despite losing a few Steve and Mark ended the week with two fish, the best a mirror of 45lb.  Successful bait was a combination of the Serreire Crayfish and Squid and Fenspice Peach and Pepper.

1 to 8 June 2019

Badgers Holt – A very difficult week weather wise with 30 degree temperatures on the Saturday and Sunday, followed by 22 hours of solid rain and temperatures dropping right down to 8 degrees by the Wednesday!

Despite these tricky conditions Badgers Holt newcomers Chris and Dan still caught seven fish which included the rarely caught ‘Patch’ at 44lb 13oz and another chunky mirror at 40lb 2oz.

All fish caught on Serreire Crayfish and Squid wafters over matching freebies.

25 May to 1 June 2019

Badgers Holt – Alex and Lucas ended the week with four fish weighing 48lb 2oz, 48lb 8oz, 49lb 2oz and 52lb 8oz.

Successful bait was the ever faithful Serreire Crayfish and Squid fished over Coppens Pellet.

18 to 25 May 2019

A tough week on the complex with the carp more interested in spawning than feeding.

Badgers Holt – Keith and Tom only fished until Friday morning and despite losing a couple still managed to catch four on their mainline baits with the best a mirror of 55lb.

Lac Serreire

Nick in the Middles and Shallows had two, his best 37lb 5oz.

Dave in Outflow had three which included the ‘friendly mirror’ at a spawned out weight of 48lb 1oz.

James in Woods had four which included two forties of 41lb 8oz and 46lb.

Matt is Island had just the one.

All fish caught on their own boilies fished over Coppens premium select pellet.

No anglers on Serreire for the next three weeks which should hopefully allow plenty of time for the carp to finish and recover from spawning and for us to complete some work around the lake.

11 to 18 May 2019

Only four anglers on the complex this week with 27 fish to 59lb 9oz.

Badgers Holt – Unfortunately due to work commitments Phil could only fish until Thursday morning but still managed three with his two best being mirrors of 59lb 9oz and 55lb.  Dylan after suffering a broken bait boat, broken toe and broken windscreen finished the week for Phil with a further two carp including another 50, a mirror of 57lb.

Lac Serreire – Without fishing the first and last night the three anglers caught 25 carp which included five forties to 46lb 6oz.

Nigel in Outflow caught six including three forties to 46lb 6oz.

Mark in Woods had three to 40lb 7oz.

Dylan in Middles had 13 to 41lb 8oz.

All fish were caught on the ever faithful Serreire Crayfish and Squid over Coppens Premium Select pellet.

4 to 11 May 2019

A tough week weather wise with frosts and heavy rain but the group still managed to catch 36 fish to 60lb 13oz.

Badgers Holt – Fishing the lake for the first time Vernon ended the week with three fish including a personal best 60lb 13oz mirror – Congratulations.

Lac Serreire

Dan in the Middles caught four upto 41lb 2oz.

Adam in Shallows had thirteen to 42lb.

David in Outflow had eight including mirrors of 45lb and 47lb 13oz and a cat of 60lb.

Dylan in Woods had seven with a best of 41lb 6oz.

The fish were caught on a variety of baits including the Serreire Crayfish and Squid fished over Coppens pellet and maize.

27 April to 4 May 2019

Another fantastic week at the complex with 46 fish landed which included 1 x 60, 4 x 50s and 14 x 40s.

Badgers Holt – Mitch and Dave enjoyed a very special week with 10 fish including fifties of 56lb 14oz, 55lb, 53lb 11oz and 51lb, four forties of 47lb 6oz, 47lb 4oz, 41lb 15oz, 41lb and a cat of 81lb!  Successful baits were Mitch’s own pop ups fished over Serreire Crayfish and Squid and Coppens pellet.

Lac Serreire – After a slow start following a drop in water temperature the boys finished with a respectable 36 fish.

Chris and Andy (woods) – had 13 including 4 x 40s to 48lb 8oz.

Shaun (Outflow and Tim and Mary’s) – had 6 with 2 x 40s of 48lb 13oz and 48lb 9oz.

Keith (Middles) – had 11 which included a 60lb mirror and three 40s.

Mark (Shallows) – unfortunately lost a few but still caught 6 including a personal best mirror of 40lb.

Congratulations to you all.

20 to 27 April 2019

Very busy week with 76 fish to 59lb.

Badgers Holt – Paul a regular on the complex had a fantastic week finishing with 12 carp including four fifties, 59lb 8oz, 56lb 7oz, 54lb 2oz and 51lb 1oz together with a forty of 41lb 2oz.

Lac Serreire – The four anglers made the most of the unsettled conditions for a total of 64 fish.

Phil (Shallows) – Despite losing a few ended the week with a very impressive 36 Carp, his best being a mirror of 45lb 8oz.
Wayne (Middles and Island) – Had 8 carp with a best of 42lb 8oz.
Richard (Woods) – Had 18 carp and a catfish with a best mirror of 43lb 2oz.
Darren (outflow) – Lost a couple but managed to snare one, a mirror of 37lb.

All were caught on a variety of baits but yet again the Serreire Crayfish and Squid proved to be extremely effective!!! Various presentations were successful including wafters, snowmen and pop-ups.

Congratulations to you all on a very productive week.


13 to 20 April 2019

Fantastic group of anglers on both lakes with several forties to 44lb and a cat of over 60lb.  Tough for the second half of the week on Serreire due to changeable weather conditions and the onset of spawning.  Successful baits being Mainline Link and the Serreire Crayfish and Squid.

6 to 13 April 2019

Lac Serreire – The four anglers had a fantastic week for 40 fish which included no less that 3 fifty and 14 forty pound carp.

Marco and Martin were relentless in the Shallows and Middles and managed 34 from 35 takes with best being mirrors of 53lb 13oz, 52lb 4oz and 51lb 2oz.  Brian and Stephen in Woods caught six which included a best mirror of 43lb 8oz and a cat of 55lb.

Badgers Holt – Kevin only fished until Thursday due to work commitments but overcame his early disappointment of a lost fish to catch three with the best being the ‘five-bellies’ mirror of 42lb 4oz.

All were caught on the Serreire Crayfish and Squid fished over matching boilie, maize and Coppens intensive pellet.

Congratulations to you all on a productive week.

30 March to 6 April 2019

The four anglers on Serreire made the best of the conditions which included snow, sleet, rain and overnight frosts and despite a few hook pulls and lost fish still caught 12 which included two forty pound carp to 45lb 4oz and two 60lb cats to 67lb 4oz.

Graham fishing Badgers Holt for the first time managed a brace of carp including a personal best of 59lb 14oz.  Congratulations Graham on a superb fish!


23 – 30 March 2019

A tough opening week on the complex with northerly winds, high pressure and frosty cold nights. The group managed 13 fish which included 3 cats to 41lb, two forties and a mirror caught by Snowy from the middles at a shade over 53lb.