Catch Reports 2022

Latest catch reports from Lac Serreire and Badgers Holt.

14 to 21 May

A very hot week weather wise with temperatures over 30 degrees but a good week across both lakes with 38 carp to the four anglers with a best of 48lb.

Despite some spawning activity during the early part of the week Pete and Milo on Badgers caught 6 with 2 x 40s to 44lb 8oz.

Kev and Matt with the whole of Lac Serreire to themselves doubled up on Woods and caught 32 carp from 38 bites.

Their haul included 4 x 40s to 48lb and 12 x 30s to 39lb 12oz.

All anglers used Union Jack Shellfish boilies over mixed particle/hemp and Coppens pellet.

Thanks for being great guests and hope to see you all again soon.

7 to 14 May 

A much quieter week across the complex with high daytime temperatures reaching 30 degrees.

A total of 21 fish caught across both lakes to 63lb 14oz.

Regulars Kevin and Matt fished Badgers and ended the week with four.  Their total included 1 x 60 of 63lb 14oz, 2 x 40s and one of the rarely caught koi.

Over on Serreire we welcomed Gary’s group.

Top rod was Gary fishing Woods with 10 carp.  His tally included a brace of 50lb grass carp of 53lb 15oz and 51lb 3oz together with 2 x 40s to 47lb 2oz and 4 x 30s to 38lb.

Tony and Aiden who only arrived on the Tuesday fished Outflow swim and caught 5 with a best of 42lb.

Carl in Bank and Middles despite losing a few ended his week with two including a 38lb 2oz mirror.

All fish caught on a combination of Union Jack Coconut Creme and Shellfish, lake special Tuna and Banana boilies over Coppens Pellet, house particle and maize.

30 April to 7 May

Another good week on the complex with 40 carp caught to 62lb 8oz.  This total included 1 x 60, 4 x 50s and 11 x 40s.

First timers to Badgers Holt Mark and Charlie had a fantastic session ending the week with 10 carp.  Their haul included 1 x 60 of 62lb 8oz, 3 x 50s to 55lb 8oz, 4 x 40s to 49lb 8oz and a 39lb mirror.

Over on Serreire fishing was tricky with the carp pre-occupied on naturals.

Steve fishing Middles had 6 including a 51lb common, 2 x 40s and 3 x 30s.

Gavin in Bank had 8 with a best of 41lb plus 5 x 30s to 39lb.

Mark in Woods ended his week with 7 including a 41lb mirror and 3 x 30s.

Steve in Outflow had 9, with 2 x 40s to 42lb and 4 x 30s.

All anglers used their own boilies over house particle, hemp and Coppens pellet.

Thanks for being fantastic guests and hope to see you all again soon.

23 to 30 April

Wow what a week!!!!  Records broken on both lakes!!!

This week we welcomed Keith and Phil to Badgers Holt from Angling Technics and Mitch, James, Robin and Dave from team ‘The Bait Room’ to Lac Serreire.

Across the complex an amazing 101 carp were caught to 66lb 15oz.

On Badgers Holt Keith and Phil shared 8 carp with the best being a 66lb 15oz mirror.  This being the biggest carp caught from Badgers Holt since Jo Jo went on the missing list in 2017!  They also had 2 x 50s to 55lb 2oz and 3 x 40s to 47lb 12oz.  All caught on boilie over house particle and hemp.

Over on Serreire the Bait Room quartet amassed a record breaking 93 carp, a total which included a fifty of 52lb 4oz, 18 x 40s to 47lb 7oz and 60 x 30s to 39lb 12oz.

Top rod was Robin fishing Woods swim who caught 44 carp with 11 x 40s.

James in Outflow finished with 25 carp, a total which included the fifty and 5 x 40s.

Dave in Middles had 13 with a best of 43lb.

Mitch responsible for the fine dining fished Tim and Mary’s and ended with a very respectable 11 carp including a 45lb common.

The group caught using ‘Bait Room’ pop-ups and wafters over Serreire Lake special boilies, House particle, hemp and Coppens pellet.

Congratulations to both groups on a very special week.

16 to 23 April 

Just three anglers on the complex this week who together caught 28 carp to 62lb 6oz.

Dylan completed his second week on Badgers Holt adding a further 11 to his tally.  This included a repeat capture of the ‘Big Common’ at 62lb 6oz together with 3 x 5os to 54lb 10oz, 4 x 40s to 49lb 10oz, 3 x 30s and a rarely caught koi.

Justin and Darren on Serreire fished a variety of swims and ended the week with 17.  A total which included 7 x 40s to 48lb 4oz, 8 x 30s to 39lb 8oz and 2 x 20s.

Successful tactics were Lake Special ‘Tuna and Banana’ wafters over matching freebies, house particle and Coppens Pellet.

9 to 16 April

Dylan has now completed his first week of two on Badgers Holt and at the half way stage has landed an impressive 14 carp with the highlight being the ‘big common’ at 62lb 6oz.

His haul also included 7 x 40s to 49lb 12oz and 5 x 30s to 38lb 10oz.

Winning tactics were pop-ups fished over the Serreire crayfish and squid, Coppens pellet, house mixed particle  and hemp.

No anglers on Lac Serreire this week.

2 to 9 April

First time visitors Larry and Rob were our guests on Badgers Holt this week.

Unfortunately they faced the worst of the weather with minus 5 temperatures during the early part of the week and torrential rain at the end.

As a result the fishing was very hard until the temperature picked up on Thursday when they then picked up 5 fish.

The big girls managed to avoid capture this week with Larry and Rob catching 5 x 30s to 39lb.

Both used the Serreire Crayfish and Squid together with Coppens Pellet.

No anglers on Serreire this week.

26 March to 2 April

First time Badgers Holt anglers Steve and Toby enjoyed a productive week with seven carp.  Unfortunately the weather changed for the worse on Thursday as i have no doubt their tally would have been much higher.

Their haul included 2 x 60s to 65lb 2oz, 1 x 50, 1 x 42, 2 x 30s to 39lb 12oz and a mid twenty.

A heavier baiting approach using boilies, house particle and hemp was the winning formula.

No anglers on Serreire this week.

18 to 26 March

A tough week with high pressure, warm days and freezing nights.

17 carp were caught across the complex to 48lb.

On Lac Serreire the group managed 16, a total which included 9 x 40s to 48lb, 6 x 30s to 38lb and a 28lb mirror.

Over on Badgers regular Dan saved a blank with a low 30.

Not a bad week considering the tough conditions, see you all again soon.

12 to 17 March 

Philipp and his father were our first visitors of 2022 on Badgers Holt.  Unfortunately due to a family illness they had to return home early Thursday morning but still managed 3 carp during their visit.

A low 50 and 2 x 40s to 46lb 6oz.

Small pop-ups over the particle mix were the favoured tactics during this tricky cold, wet week.

Well done to you both and see you again in 2024.