Introduction to Lac Serreire

This beautiful and well stocked 20 acre lake holds an excellent stock of carp up to and over 60lb. The average weight is steadily rising in this prolific water with amazing growth rates in the last few years. There are now so many 40s and 50s that it has become hard to keep track of them, the lake record stands at just over 81lb. Tim Paisley had a great session in late autumn 2016 landing mirrors of 78lb, 71lb and 61lb along with a mid-30 common. Another angler managed fish of 68lb, 66lb and 64lb in a crazy 24 hours period. And then during the first 2018 winter work party, fishing just the nights, 33 carp were landed. These included 1 x 70, 2 x 60s, 6x 50s, 6 x 40s, 13 x 30s and 5 x 20s. Best fish being mirrors of 79lb 14oz, 64lb and 60lb. The two sixties were new 60s for the lake and several of the fifties were new 50s. The mild winter, winter feeding programme and the removal of several tonnes of unwanted biomass over the last months of 2017 seem to have really benefitted the carp once again. 

The lake has everything that a carp lake should have. There are areas of lilies, reeds, bays, overhanging trees, the dam and of course open water. The water is mainly quite shallow meaning it warms up quickly in the spring giving the carp a head start with their early year feeding. The water quality is also very rich and these factors combined have provided the perfect environment for the carp. Growth rates and the number of big carp that the lake can support have been phenomenal.

Lac Serreire is an interesting lake to fish as you can see the fish all the time. Because it is silty in nature and has a lot of natural food, you can find many areas where the carp dig holes and channels through the silt as they forage for blood worm. It pays to spend time to find the right spots and the best presentation for fishing in silty conditions and this can lead to some big hits of fish.

This lake is available for up to a maximum of six anglers per week and can be booked individually or exclusively by a single group. We limit things to six anglers to ensure that everyone has plenty of space. We don’t like crowded lakes.

island-swim-june-2014Lac Serreire has the use of modern toilets, shower rooms, cooking facilities, freezers, etc in an old traditional style French barn that is equipped with all the necessities to make your stay comfortable and WiFi is even available in most of the swims.


This lake is only suited to the experienced carp angler who likes to take on a challenge and offers an excellent opportunity to top that personal best. It is possible to have a lot of fish if you get things right and we are on hand to offer help and advice wherever people require it.

Boats for anglers use are available on site and we provide high quality life jackets as well. Please phone ahead for details. We also allow the use of bait boats.

Due to the large stock of carp, Lac Serreire often responds well to heavy baiting. The fish tend to be in large groups and it is possible to hold them in an area with the careful application of a good quality food bait throughout the week. Shelf-life baits with preservatives are not allowed on the fishery (all anglers bringing their own baits must bring fresh / frozen baits). Again, please phone ahead and we will be happy to advise you regarding bait choices and application.

During the winter of 2019/20 we removed a large amount of unwanted species. It had been several years since this was last done. Reducing the overall biomass and removing the unwanted species greatly benefited the carp with excellent growth rates seen in 2015-17. We also chalk the lake (using Siltex) every February to increase the natural process of silt break-down and further optimize the water chemistry. This in turn gives the natural food a boost during the year.

For a great movie of the Lac Serreire record mirror at 81lb 8oz click here:

For any information about Lac Serreire please contact us by e-mail at or call us on: +33 5 55 90 60 68 at any time. We will do all we can to help.

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Serreire map 2014

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