Catch Reports 2023

Latest catch reports from Lac Serreire and Badgers Holt.

13 to 20 May

Another good week on the complex with 27 carp caught to 70lb 8oz.

On Badgers we welcomed returning anglers Mick and Wayne who finished with 7 carp including a very special mirror of 70lb 8oz as well as 1 x 50 and 3 x 40s to 45lb 8oz.

Just two anglers and a non fishing guest on Serreire this week,  The father and son team adopted a mobile approach which payed dividends as they both beat their respective PB’s several times and ended their week with 20 carp.  Their haul included a brace of 50lb commons of 54lb 10oz and 52lb as well as 5 x 40s to 48lb.  All caught on a combination of the house boilie, particle and pellet.

Congratulations to you all for a fantastic week.

6 to 13 May

What an amazing week! 71 carp caught across both lakes including 2 x 70s, 6 x 50s and 24 x 40s.

Regular Mike on Badgers Holt had a week of a lifetime with a brace of 70s, both mirrors of  73lb 10oz and 70lb 8oz together with 3 x 50s to 55lb and 4 x 40s to 46lb 8oz.

Sticking to his baited areas with his specially made pop ups over the house boilie and pellet was the winning combination.

Over on Serreire we welcomed Darren and friends who caught 60 carp including an impressive haul of 40s and 50s.

Top rod in Woods was Dave who caught a very impressive 30 carp including 2 x 50s to 52lb and 12 x 40s to 48lb.

Darren in Shallows caught 9 including 2 x 40s to 48lb.

H in Woods caught 4 including commons of 47lb and 51lb 14oz.

Stephen in Tim and Mary’s caught 3 with a best of 43lb 8oz.

Shaun fished Middles and ended his week with 14 carp including 4 x 40s to 47lb 7oz.

I continue to be impressed with the enormous growth rates of the Serreire fish, out of the 60 carp caught only 4 were below 30lb.  The linears caught are now over 30lb and were stocked as low to mid doubles in Feb 2022.

Thanks to you all for a fantastic week.

29 April to 6 May

Another fantastic week on Badgers Holt for regulars Shaun and Steve who caught 9 fish.

Their haul included ‘Arthur’ the cat at his best weight of 86lb!!!  As well as mirrors of 62lb 14oz, 58lb 15oz and 49lb 4oz and commons of 58lb 14oz, 54lb 12oz, 51lb 8oz and 40lb 6oz, plus a koi of 20lb for good measure.

Unfortunately due to family reasons our two anglers on Lac Serreire had to return to the UK Monday afternoon.

They still managed 6 fish including a 51lb 13oz mirror, 49lb 15oz common, 41lb 6oz common and 3 x 30s.  All caught on a combination of the new house boilie ‘cranberry squid’ and ‘creamy nut’.

Congratulations to you all and see you again next year.

22 to 29 April

What a difference a week makes!

A fantastic week across both lakes with a total of 52 carp caught including 1 x 60 of 63lb 11oz, 5 x 50s to 56lb 2oz and 25 x 40s to 49lb 8oz.

The baitroom duo of Mitch and Dave enjoyed a dream session on Badgers Holt with 16 carp.  Their haul included 1 x 60 of 63lb 11oz, 3 x 50s and 6 x 40s.  Fishing Baitroom pop-ups over house boilie and pellet was the winning method.

Over on Serreire we welcomed Chris and friends who ended their week with 36 carp.

Top rod was David in Shallows who caught 14 with a best of 50lb 2oz as well as 8 other 40lb plus fish.

Chris fished Middles and caught 10 including 7 x 40s to 49lb 8oz.

Darren in Outflow had 3 with a best of 44lb 8oz.

Gaz in Bank had 2 and Mike in Tim and Mary’s had 3 including a 50lb 4oz common.

Graham in Woods ended his week with 7 including 2 x 40s to 47lb.

Congratulations to you all and special thanks to Mitch for the pop ups!!

15 to 22 April

A combination of bright days and cold nights resulted in a difficult week for the DT baits team of Fenton and Pete on Badgers Holt with just the one mid 30 common caught.  Unfortunately the heavy baiting approach didn’t work this week but looking forward to seeing you again in July.

Lac Serreire was a ‘no publicity’ week but the single angler who just fished days only Sunday to Wednesday still managed 7 carp with 4 x 40s to 48lb using the new house boilie ‘cranberry squid’.

8 to 15 April

The anglers faced difficult weather conditions this week with overnight frosts, bright sunshine and heavy rain but still ended the week with 36 carp caught across both lakes including 1 x 60, 5 x 50s, to 57lb and 11 x 40s to 49lb.

Returning guests Rusky and Eddie fished Badgers Holt and caught 5 with a best of 62lb 8oz.  They also had a mirror of 57lb as well as 3 x 40s to 46lb.

On Serreire Mark fishing Middles ended his week with 14 carp including 3 x 50s to 53lb 9oz and 4 x 40s to 47lb.

Phil in Woods managed 15 including a grassie of 53lb and 4 x 40s to 49lb.

Alan in Tim and Mary’s caught 3 with a best of 45lb.

Thanks to all the anglers for being great guests and hope to see you all again soon.

1 to 8 April

21 carp caught across the complex to our three anglers which included 1 x 70, 1 x 60, 2 x 50s and 6 x 40s.

Dan fishing his second week on Badgers Holt had another excellent week with carp of 70lb 5oz, 62lb 9oz, 57lb 3oz, 56lb 2oz and a 36lb 6oz koi.

Dan utilised a heavy baiting approach using a mix of the new Serreire house boilies ‘creamy nut’ and ‘cranberry squid’ together with the house particle and pellet.  Congratulations on a fantastic week.

Over on Serreire regulars Kevin and Matt doubled up in the Woods swim and ended their week with a respectable 16 carp.  Their haul included 6 x 40s to 49lb with the balance of 30s.  Fishing a 19+ acre lake from one swim is always difficult with the fish regularly moving around so another good result.

25 March to 1 April

It was certainly a big fish week on the complex with 17 carp caught to 56lb 8oz to just 3 anglers.  This total included 6 x 50s and 9 x 40s!!

Fishing Lac Serreire Thomas had a dream week fishing Shallows then Middles swim with a very impressive 13 carp.  Fishing a heavy baiting approach with pop ups over boilie and house particle/pellet his haul included 2 x 50s to 53lb 6oz, 9 x 40s to 49lb 4oz and two mid 30s.  It continues to amaze me how fast these carp have grown over a few short years.

Over on Badgers Holt Dan and Nick caught 4 x 50s of 56lb 8oz, 54lb 8oz, 52lb and the ‘linear’ at 50lb.  Dan now starts his second week on the lake so i am sure his tally of big fish will continue to increase.

18 to 25 March

Thomas ended the opening week on Badgers Holt with five fish with the biggest being 60lb 4oz.

He also caught 2 mid 30s, a 46lb 6oz mirror and a 52lb common.

Very good week considering the conditions.  Thomas now moves onto Lac Serreire for its opening week and his second week.