Baits designed specifically for Lac Serreire & Badgers Holt

Our aim is simple – Using  30 years of bait making experience and contacts within the bait industry, we aim to provide the absolute best quality boilies possible. Many commercially available baits are a compromise because they have to be suitable for all lakes. But not all lakes are the same.

We provide baits optimised for Lac Serreire and Badgers Holt with no compromises at all. In doing so, we provide the carp with the best possible HNV (high nutritional value) food source for long term health and safe, sustainable weight gain. And we eliminate the problem that many anglers face when visiting a French venue; not really being sure what bait to use and having to transport it whilst still keeping it frozen. Every angler using the baits we supply can have total confidence that they are the most successful and effective baits on the complex. It’s a fact that in 2022, approximately 80% of all carp caught were on the baits that we supply at the fishery.

All baits are frozen and totally preservative free. We have multiple chest freezers installed to ensure that we always have fresh baits available. You do not need to pre-order your bait, just use as much or as little as you need whilst you are here.

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Lake Specials – Creamy Nut/Cranberry Squid/krill and Crayfish

New for 2023 – Made specially for the complex with the freshest local ingredients are the new ranges of Creamy Nut and Cranberry Squid Boilie.  The mixes contain fish flour, tuna flour, corn flour, cornmeal, wheat flour, degraded soy, rice, fish proteins, spices, Robin red, salt, sugar, fresh eggs, salmon oil, flavourings and various essential oils. 

The Creamy nut are a golden colour with a distinctivet tiger nut aroma whilst the Cranberry Squid and krill and Crayfish are a deep red colour with a fragrant cranberry, fishy aroma.  Available in 18mm sizes.

We also supply the following hook baits to match these boilies:

  •  16mm pop ups
  •  18mm hard hook baits
  •  16mm wafters 
  • 25oml glug




Carp Pellets

Adding pellets into your bait application will usually greatly increase your chances of success on both lakes. When any species feed on pellets, masses of tiny food particles are created. These sink back into the silt and remain long after any boilies or whole pellets remain. They provide strong food signals continuing to make the spot attractive and a hook bait more likely to be found. But, for this to work, it is important that they are the right type of pellets.

After a great deal of research we have settled on using three types of pellet depending on the time of year and water temperature.  Our pellets are used throughout the year and are a staple diet of our carp.  We choose pellet that has a high protein content with low fat optimised for the nutritional requirements of carp.

2017-01-03_15-14-20The protein spreads are also optimised to have the highest possible BV (biological value) for carp meaning that a high percentage can be assimilated and utilised (unlike many pellets designed for other species like trout, halibut, etc). They also have a full spread of vitamins and minerals added that are designed to optimise heath and boost the immune system. These pellets are also designed to minimise waste from the fish therefore reducing ammonia loading in the water. This can be especially important in high summer with warm water and very active feeding.

New for 2023 – Due to the importance of maintaining the best possible water quality and providing the carp with a safe, high quality diet, we only allow the use of our pellets at the fishery.

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We also supply freshly prepared hemp by the bucket but require at least 48 hours notice for correct preparation.


We also supply freshly prepared particle by the bucket.  Our specially prepared mix includes maize, red dari, white dari, naked oats, wheat, safflower, linseed, mung beans, black rapeseed, garlic, buckwheat, canary seed, aniseed and hemp.

Due to finding some very poorly prepared particle we now insist that only particle and hemp prepared by us is used at the complex, no other particle or hemp is permitted (this includes tinned sweetcorn and maize).  Please note we require at least 24 hours notice for fresh particle.

Please note that all forms of plastic, cork or foam hook baits are prohibited in addition to any live baits (including maggots, snails, casters and worms).

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